I can't find a print in the shop. Is it available?

I don't turn every piece into a print but I occasionally have some made that aren't currently listed on my site. If you can't find a print send me an email and I'll see if it's available.

When will a sold out print be back in shop?

If a print is sold out and coming back, I'll list a date in the description on when it will return. If I forget to do that you can send me email about when it will be back!

Can I get a pants tattoo?

I fully support all pants tattoos and do not charge or sell tattoo tickets for them. You're more than welcome to use any of my designs for a tattoo (just ask a parent or a guardian first) and I'd love see it if you get one! 

Are you doing commissions?

I'm sorry but I'm not currently taking any commissions